My name is Chris Collins.

I go to school at Fordham University.

I work at Connected Ventures.

It is NOT that obvious to your everyday facebook user, which I will assume makes up a majority of people on Facebook. TechCrunch Comments


Gifford Woods State Park in Vermont - I want to go camping there at the end of September.

I think another interesting question is: what is the average lifespan of a facebook app? Seems like most come and go through profiles in a matter of hours or days.

My theory: Facebook apps = Potato Chips 2.0

Most are amusing but ultimately hollow experiences, and they quickly get stale.

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Merging conflicts by hand can be quite intimidating the first time you attempt it, but with a little practice, it can become as easy as falling off a bike. subversion’s “Basic Work Cycle” Merging conflicts by hand
It’s a shirt!

It’s a shirt!

North Carolina

I just spent a week in the Outer Banks. It was phenomenal.

The guys running the labels are pretty stupid — most are just dirtbags who started out as band managers or promoters — but now at long last they are kinda sorta finally vaguely getting clued in to the fact that both parts of their business model are fucked. Fake Steve Jobs, via